Lighting Up a Blessing Light

Let the brightness light up life and bring a yearlong peace and auspiciousness.
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College Student Chan Workshop
Zoom Sessions; In Person Retreat/Workshop; Volunteer Hours

3/10-6/2 ( 6 zoom classes)
7/8-7/14 ( Summer Workshop/Retreat in NY)
3/10-7/14 (5 Volunteer Hours)

Meditation and Discussion  |  Every Sat, 9am - 12pm PDT

Book Study: the 1st & 3rd Sat of the month. Online only (Zoom ID 700 865 116)

Great Dharma Drum Video: the 2nd & 4th Sat of the month.
In-Person & Online (Zoom ID 700 865 116)
2024 DDM Awakening Camp

With all causes and conditions finally ripened, in 2024 I set off
on a journey to the headquarters of DDM in Taiwan for
this once-in-a-life time monastic opportunity.

2023 DDMLA Center in Review - Our Volunteers

2023 DDMLA Center in Review - Youth Volunteers

A journey of a Ten-day Retreat

Reflection On My Second 10-day Retreat

5-Day Winter Retreat 2023

As I relaxed into the schedule, I found a pattern to help me
practice presence in daily life. My perception of time
changed dramatically

Youth Chan Workshop Open House

Youth students and college volunteers joined the Chan Workshop
together and participated in mindful activities...

Sharing from EMD (English Meditation & Discussion) Members

I first attended DDM this past November. Had it been years
earlier, I may have had a chance to see Shifu speak,
to be in his presence, to feel his peace...



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