Young CEO Discusses “Passion and Career” with DDM LA Youth Group

On Sunday November 25, 2020, Dennis Wang, the CEO of Golden Star Technology Inc., joined the members of DDM LA Center and DDM LA Youth Group to discuss the topic “The Intersection of Passion and Career”, continuing the series of professional workshops hosted by DDM LA Youth Group.

As the third and latest installment of the well-received series, Dennis told of his own career journey, from Georgetown University and wanting to go into politics, to working as a strategy consultant in New York, to finally succeeding at the family business at GST. As examples, he shared his own personal stories of how he juggled between passion and career. The Zoom meeting wrapped up with a lengthy Q&A session with Dennis during which he encouraged listeners to find the balance between work and passion, and to pursue their passion.

Dennis also acknowledged the fatigue people may feel even if they love what they do, and he advocated for “quiet time alone, meditation, self reflection, and vivid vision,” which is allotting time, such as an annual vacation, to reevaluate priorities and to make sure the career growth aligns with the personal goals. Or read some biographies to know how did people with generational success.

“Passion is not something you can pretend to have,” said Dennis during the Zoom meeting, thus he encourages everyone in the audience to pursue their passion, because “What’s preventing us from getting to it?”

As Chang Ju Fashi aptly concluded, “Love what you do,” and encouraged the young audiences to believe that cause and effect never fails. If you want to have a better harvest, then you have to grow a seed. And before the harvest you will have to pay extra attention and care to conditions that will affect the seed. Be patient, appreciative, and always have hope on the journey. DDMLA Youth Group will host its fourth meeting on Zoom on Sunday, December 6, 2020.

2020/11/17 by Tim and Daniel from LA Center



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