Young Professionals: Monthly Talk With CEO

This monthly professional workshop on Zoom is a program where we invite an industry professional or entrepreneur to speak about their own journey to success and use their own experience to help answer questions on career development. You will gain an insight into the stories that got them where they are today, as well as the wisdom from their years of experience. Whether you are well-established or new to the scene, there is something here for everyone. The meetings are one Sunday of every month at 3:30 PM PST. If you’re interested, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for updates and more info.

法青心光講堂 - Fun 心。上班趣

為接引就業青年認識佛法、學習禪法,希望透過一系列國際化、年輕化、生活化的課程和學習活動,培養出一群健全自我、身心健康、奉獻社會的年輕人,將我們的正念與善行擴散到周遭,讓更多人一起加入,達成「Better youth, Better world」的理想與目標。近期受到疫情持續的衝擊, 許多就業法青或是剛畢業的社會新鮮人, 在計畫趕不上變化的疫情時代,面臨了許多前所未有的挑戰,於是特別邀請道場幾位亦是資深義工的企業經營者,聯手為踏入職場的法青舉行線上CEO開講系列,希望藉由自己的經歷分享,帶給年青人ㄧ些啟發。



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