Dharma Talk in a Yoga Center

By Tina Jen

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On 4/17/16, Ven. Guo-jiann, Director of the Dharma Drum Mountain Los Angeles Center (DDMLAC), and Ven. Chang Ju were invited by "Yoga Darsana" located in Alhambra to give a dharma talk and introduce Chan meditation briefly.

The topic of Ven. Guo-jiann's dharma talk was "Wisdom, Compassion and Inner Peace".  After the dharma talk, Ven. Chang Ju guided basic postures and gestures of sitting meditation. Director Ven. Guo-jiann said,DDMLAC was glad to have the opportunity to serve the local community and share the essences of Buddhism and Chan spirit.

For most participants, it was their first time to listen to a fashi’s dharma talk and they were very interested in learning Buddha dharma and Chan meditation.  The owner of Yoga Darsana, Dora, said that it was an honor to have Fashis to visit her yoga place and she would like to attend a meditation retreat at DDMLAC in the near future. 

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