A Sharing about the Good Thoughts Workshop for College Students


At the DDM LA Center, over 30 youth participants gathered in an in-person workshop to learn more about meditation and mindfulness on Dec. 21 from 9 am - 4 pm. Organized by volunteers and four Fa Shi, the Power of Good Thoughts workshop provided guidance for stress relief and maintaining a positive mindset in everyday life.

The co-hosts of the event led a few icebreaker games before the meditation session of the workshop began, instructed by Chang Zhong Fa Shi. Students learned that the benefits of meditation include having a balanced body and mind, as well as uncover compassion and wisdom. By following a guided meditation, students practiced breathing techniques and body scans to clear their minds. Throughout the workshop, students were encouraged to participate in discussions with their small groups and the entire room, with a large group sharing session to conclude the day.

In addition, students walked mindfully along the outdoor pathways after lunchtime. Walking meditation encouraged participants to appreciate nature and learn a more physically active form of meditation. There was also a session for sleeping meditation, allowing students to lie down without a seat cushion and rest.

After the meditation exercises, several guest speakers were invited to share their experiences, background, and answer any questions. The speakers were Alice and J.P. Wang of the AJ Wang Foundation, Jonathan Ma, and Felix Yap. In their presentations, the speakers discussed how they overcame several challenges, their accomplishments, and the role that mindfulness and meditation played in their lives. Four Fa Shi also hosted a Q & A panel, giving their input and advice to audience members with questions.

At the end of the day, students were invited to share their experience from the workshop. The following section highlights their takeaways:

  • "I will continue to practice meditation because it helps me stay in tune with myself. I love how it gives me an opportunity to connect my mind and body. After I meditate, I feel like I see the world in a more positive, open perspective."
  • "I am grateful for the sutra-reading sessions because they help me practice mindfulness"
  • "Meditation allows me to take my mind off of everything and feel more at peace."
  • "I leave feeling more connected with myself, and I gain an opportunity to settle in with myself."
  • "It was nice to not go on my phone and take my mind off things."
  • "Today was extremely enjoyable because I met and worked with new people. The group activities helped me connect with others in a way I had not before."
  • "I enjoyed learning about the proper way to meditate, because even though I have tried meditating before, I’ve never known there were many different ways to meditate (sleeping and walking) as well. It was nice to spend the day destressing through meditating after always hustling about these past few days."

Those interested in being part of a welcoming environment and learning about topics, such as Chan Buddhism and mindfulness, can participate in future workshops by emailing ddmlayouth@gmail.com Students in the youth program will have opportunities to attend in-person and online workshops, earn a scholarship, and join our community.





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