English Meditation & Discussion

Classes will be held on every Saturday.
  9:00AM– 10:00AM simple stretch exercises to prepare for sitting
10:00AM– 11:00AMsitting meditation
11:00AM – 12:00PM tea and discussion

Sitting Meditation

Every Thursday 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

All are welcome to join in the simple practices of Chan meditation, where we apply methods amidst walking, light yoga exercise, sitting, and standing. The practice program is orderly, yet flexible, suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Devotional chanting of Amitabha Buddha’s name

Every Tuesday 10:00AM -12:00PM & Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Chanting of 88-Buddhas’ Names

studyclass topSaturday Dharma Study Group Q&A

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month
These classes will be held on the first and third Saturday of every month, starting at 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Everyone is welcomed to join and participate, and the admission is free. All participants are encourage [...]

The Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony

Last Sunday of each month
2:00 PM- 4:30 PM

Bodhisattva Precepts

Every 2nd or 4th Sunday of each month 2:00PM-4:30PM

Eight-Form Moving Meditation

Every Tue. & Thurs. 8:00-8:30 AM

Location: Live Oaks Park 10144 Bogue St,  Temple City, CA