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Silent Illumination 5-Day Retreat for Volunteers (2nd echelon)
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10-day Silent Illumination Retreat for Volunteers

 (Two 5-day Retreats led by Guo Xing Fa Shi )


  1st 5-day Retreat: 12/23 (Sat) 9am - 12/27 (Wen) 5pm 
  2nd 5-day Retreat: 12/28 (Thu)9am - 1/1 (Mon)5pm 
  (May choose one or both retreats)  
  Prior 2 or 3-day retreat experience required.                 
  DDM volunteers have higher priority for registration  
【Fee】 $200 for each section. $400 for both retreats                 
  (Free for all DDM volunteers )

Please register online

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